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About Nikki DiCaro

I've been writing and publishing books across genres for the past several years. My approach to writing is simple, yet daunting; create the characters and allow them to take the story in whatever direction The Universe guides.

I've written twenty-eight books, including my most recent series: The Amelia Chronicles. I've also written and published four Thrillers, with complex plots and memorable characters, under the pen name D.D. Nicaro.

Writing has been both cathartic and emotionally fulfilling. I write for pleasure; mine as well as the pleasure of my readers.  Nothing is more gratifying than to talk with readers and learn about their experiences with my characters.

I don't have one favorite character. I love each of them from Jimmy Duca, Special Agent of the FBI, to the flawed John Burton and Lena Reyes. 

Amelia And Ralph Ciracco, and their three children have a special place in my heart. They come close to my life experiences and Amelia sounds and feels a lot like me.

Although none of my characters mimic anyone in my world, they all express a slice of people I've encountered through my travels and experiences.

I hope you enjoy my writing and I would love to hear from you.

Nikki DiCaro

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