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This booklet consolidates and clearly reports research results regarding equality, inclusion and diversity as it relates to the chronic medical condition, gender dysphoria, free from bias and misrepresentation of facts. Additionally, the contents provide background information to support broad-based transgender education, eliminate bias, prejudice and discrimination and improve medical treatment.

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An authoritative guide to help the transgender evaluate his/her intention to undertake gender transition. Short and direct; posing difficult, unvarnished questions to consider; the same questions I answered during my transition. Designed to inform not only the transgender but also those who are attempting to understand someone in their life suffering from gender dysphoria. Concise insights to anyone who wants to understand the difficulties of this disease.  

This guide, along with my corollary guide, The Practical Guide for Gender Transition, should be read together. These guides will enable you to understand what you, the employer, can do to support a healthy transition process, to address your concerns and questions and to help you, your transgender employee and your workforce learn, understand and support their colleague. Working together openly and honestly will also fulfill any legal obligation you may have to all of your employees. 

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Teachers and administrators are two of the gatekeepers of the vital mission to impart practical knowledge on young and impressionable hearts and minds. As the fabric of society changes along with priorities and preferences, it is imperative to ensure educators and caretakers are equipped with the training and ongoing support to do their job effectively and efficiently for all children regardless of race, color, religion, sexual preference, nationality, physical appearance, physical or emotional disability, gender identity, etc. 

Transgender children don’t choose to suffer gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition defined in the following pages. Your child may be as confused or more confused than you. He/she is experiencing inner feelings and emotions that are foreign to their birth gender. They don’t know where to turn, whom to trust and how to handle this turmoil. It’s up to you to provide the necessary support.  I provide insights and a pathway to understanding that will put you at ease and enable your child to effectively harness their inner gender to emerge strong and successful.

Cover Photo - Transcendence - My Rebirth

My memoirs, a multi-volume set, begins with long-awaited gender affirmation surgery. The surgery date had finally arrived. This was going to be the culmination of my physical transformation to my authentic self. Was I ready for this irreversible and life-altering change? How was I going to deal with the self-doubt, fear, trepidation and hopefully resultant joy? I had lived over a half century with biological error. The biological engineer was asleep during the gestation period, allowing the female me to be crammed into a male's boy. Why couldn't I live with this for the rest of my life? Why couldn't I make peace with the error. After all, I had survived almost sixty years bearing the yoke of this problem.The events leading up to and immediately following surgery will give you a look into the world that is dictated by my lifelong battle with gender dysphoria and how the surgery impacted me.

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